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SERVICE -Areas of Operation
Gaming (planning, development, management, maintenance, sales, and aggregation)

Cell phone games (FLASH、Java、BREW), smart phone games (iPhone、Android), browser
games, social network games, client-server online games, consumer games, websites (for cell phone, PC, and smart phone), trouble-shooting, and game aggregation.

Entertainment (planning, creation, management, and sales)

Internet radio, CDs and DJCDs for dramas, acoustics

Creating Applications for Pachinko Parlors and Slot Machines

Developing transfer technology for PC and cell phone applications

FLASH game planning, development, sales, and rental

Offering over 500 FLASH game titles all from one locale. © Dice Creative Inc.

Inuyasha – The Complete Edition
(Nippon Television × GAME)
After customizing a Dice Creative FLASH game, we offer it through a revenue-sharing partnership.
©Takashi Rumiko / Shogakukan・Yomiuri TV・Sunrise

zettai karen children
(Nippon Television × GAME)

Second round of Shonen Sunday’s hit game for cell phones, ‘‘Zettai karen Children!’’ An action game that’ll put you on the edge of your seat! ©Shiina Takashi / Shogakukan・ Chonoryoku Kenkyukyoku・TV Tokyo


Numerous TV station sites, i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb sites made for cell phone, and open-to-the-public i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb sites for cell phones.
Lots of content is copyrighted, quality guaranteed.
Numerous advertising campaigns for commercials, large beverage companies, movies, and more.

※Due to non-disclosure agreements, only some examples of our work are presented here

For development and aggregation on the iPhone and Android—expand overseas!

Smart Phones
We have met the arrival of the iPhone and Android head-on, transferring hit games from some 500 FLASH game titles!
Game Aggregation
What’s more, to better expand overseas, we now handle game aggregation (acting as agent for joint sales).

As a FLASH game aggregator, Dice Creative has aggregated our games with FLASH games of equal or higher quality, and now offers a top-notch, diverse range of FLASH games to the domestic and international market, with nearly 1000 titles to choose from.

If you’re a company overseas looking for Flash games, please contact us today!


Providing FLASH games to the English company Game A Day

Distributed now to the world’s seven biggest App Stores! Licensed out to GAME-A-DAY LTD © Dice Creative Inc.

Providing 200 titles to MOBA, a Vietnamese entertainment portal site
The cell phone market in Vietnam is still in its infancy. This market is sure to grow, so now’s your chance! © Dice Creative Inc.

Offering a total of 250 titles to T-store in Korea


T-store, in Korea, is growing rapidly. Make your move now, before Chinese companies step in.
© Dice Creative Inc.

From 500 FLASH game titles, transferring hit game after hit game into iPhone apps!
Joint enterprises with Eagle Co., Ltd.
(Licensed out)
© Dice Creative Inc. / Eagle Inc.


If you’re a company or individual with a FLASH game to offer, please contact us today!

Creating Applications for Pachinko Parlors and Slot Machines

Our Development Team are huge fans of Pachinko Parlors and slot machines, and so pride themselves on

improving quality in this area. If you are interested in knowing who has already solicited our expertise, please contact us.

※Due to non-disclosure agreements, we can only display a portion of titles and images here. We have received orders from many companies, both for real models and simulations.
‘‘Master Takahashi’s Adventure Island’’ ‘‘Pachinko Slot Challenger’’(for cell phones)
Ordered by HUDSON, and planned, developed, and managed as a joint operation, ‘‘Hudson Casino Park’’ Pachinko Parlor and slot machine applications are available on the i-mode official site. © HUDSON SOFT

Pachinko for Everyone(for PC) 

Pachinko for Everyone, planned and managed by 8fuku, is an online Pachinko game. © 2005 8fuku Co.,Ltd.
*******(for PC)

Ordered by and developed for Sammy NetWorks Co., Ltd.
Avatar Solution

At Dice Creative, we provide the whole avatar package, including basic character design, avatar engines, and avatar parts. We fit everything to your specifications, such as for character design, details, and 3D avatars. To date, clients have included HUDSON, Culture Convenience Club, San-Ei Shobo, Mobile Productions, and more.
©HUDSON SOFT / ©San-eishobo Publishing / ©CCC © CrossGames.Inc © Dice Creative Inc.

For avatar design or
avatar parts, come see us at Dice Creative! We’ll tailor everything to your specifications.

Our love simulation games for women are popular, too!
Falling Star☆Halation
Love Session
Homeroom Romance☆Panic
A love simulation game now offered on i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb official sites  ‘’Love★Young Lady’s Game—No.1.’’ Made to order, and developed as a revenue-sharing game.©Nihon Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Whether you want to build a site for your mobile or your PC, leave it to us!

At Dice Creative, we build websites for both cellular phones and PCs.

Shinohara’s Better Brain Lab
‘‘i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb Official Sites’’ Check your brain’s age! Brain-training game site directed by Professor Shinobara of Suwa Tokyo Science University, a guest on TV programs like ‘‘Tameshite Gatten,’’ ‘’Sukkiri!,’’ and ‘‘Echika’s Mirror!
© Mobileproduction Co., Ltd

Cell Phone Style Wagon
An i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb Official Site for cell phones by the magazine Style Wagon. Full of cars to fall in love with, Grand Prixs to dress up for, avatars, and mini-games!
©San-eishobo Publishing

Cell Phone Moto Champ
An i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb Official Site for cell phones by the magazine Moto Champ. Full of discussion between users, cars to dream about, avatars, and mini-games!!
©San-eishobo Publishing


Cell Phone Options
i-mode / Yahoo! / EZweb Official Site, from the magazine option. Full of blogs, hot cars, avatars, mini-games and more!
©San-eishobo Publishing

Brain Battlers

‘‘GREE Social Network Applications’’
Compete for high scores in brain-training games. Now co-developing new sensory brain-training games.
© Mobileproduction Co., Ltd.

‘‘Hot Guy’s Life’’ (DS Game)

The first of its kind! Tools to boost your popularity! Entertaining software that tells you about all the rules and experiences you’ll need to know to become popular.
©TOMY / Interchannel-Holon Inc.

We’ve also developed apps for use on Japanese domestic cell phones

Tales of Wonder Casino

Casino game applications where players are characters from the ‘’Tales of’’ series.

Ordered by and developed for Bandai Namco.
©Inoma Tamutsumi / Fujishima Kosuke / 1994-2009 NBGI

Tales of Quiz
Quiz game application, lecture-style, with characters from the ‘’Tales of’’ series answering four-choice quiz questions.
Ordered by and developed for Bandai Namco.
©Inoma Tamutsumi / Fujishima Kosuke / 1994-2009 NBGI
Developing Browser Games and Online Games
Doki Doki IQ High School

Ordered by and developed for GCREST Co., Ltd., this is a browser game from its U.S.-managed game site, Tinier Me.

Online Cart “Steering“
A casual race game where players use all kinds of items to compete. Available in Japan(and soon to be released in Bangkok)© Dice Creative Inc. / Cross Games Inc.
Consumer Game Development

Previously, we mostly handled OEM games for the Nintendo brand, but we haven’t developed any for the past two years.

Consul Games Record: Have developed around 30 titles

Planning and Creating Diagnostic Tools
We’ve created a ‘‘Personality Diagnostic Series,’’ and for our first segment, we’ve released the ‘’Popularity Diagnostic!’’
We use the sound theory analysis engine Onsonic, and planning support from adingo, Co., Ltd., to provide this to internet cafes all over Japan.


We’ve developed and released a cell phone FLASH Personality Diagnostic Series

Through a partnership with ageUN Co., Ltd. (, which distills the essence of fortune-telling from vast bodies of research, we create and provide personalized, FLASH diagnostic content.
Sound Production

With our company’s expertise in production and management, we can meet your needs with top-notch, low-cost products.