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「Creative Solutions for Today and Tomorrow」

We live in a rapidly changing world, a world where no country’s financial future is guaranteed. For many companies in Japan, emerging economies, especially China, are a threat. They have large markets, thirst for knowledge, cheap labor, and vast resources. Japan, though, has only a moderate market, little appetite to study, high labor costs, and limited resources. Reason enough for concern about the future. That’s why we have been making some changes.

Dice+Dice Networks(merged together)+Creative(for innovative solutions)=Dice Creative

is our company’s new name,
and we promise to bring effective and creative solutions to our clients.


‘‘Creative’’ is
related to the use of original ideas to create something.(Oxford English Dictionary)
A ‘‘solution’’ is
a means of dealing with a difficult situation. (Oxford English Dictionary)
‘‘Creative solutions’’ means
building something out of original ideas to surmount a difficult situation.


Over the long life of a company, a lot happens.
Good and bad things both.
It has been twenty years since we started out.

And to be frank, we once came close to losing it all.
But no matter what happens, we remain dedicated to our cause:  finding creative solutions
for our clients. We believe that is the way to success now, as it always has been.

Creative Solutions for Today and Tomorrow--

That is our vision.
And when we bring Creative Solutions to you, we do so with a
feeling of gratitude, for having had the chance to serve you.

This is our mission.